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•   Phil Carrell (1987)  9/10
•   Ryan Friestad (1998)  9/6
•   Bob Shaw (1984)  9/5
•   Glen Nordt (1977)  9/4
•   Tom Pedersen (1976)  9/4
•   Keith Duhon (1985)  9/4
•   Kevin Lardie (1991)  9/4
•   Bill Denney (1975)  8/26
•   Rusty Pevehouse (1982)  8/22
•   Bill Moss (1973)  8/9
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Hello Summer!!!

Welcome Brothers!


This is the Sawyers/Delta Sigma Phi

Webpage for the Alumni of the Delta Pi Chapter at SFA

We are working to make this a place of connection for old Sawyers, Delta Sigs, and, hopefully, a new generation of Sawyers on campus at SFA.


Check in often for updates.  We'll see when new members are registered, we'll add feature information of upcoming events, and other interesting stuff.




 Due to the loss of White Bluff Resort as our "Limp Along" Golf outing destination last year, and this year, we will be on hiatus for the 2019 Golf outing.  However, 9 of us have already committed to flying to Colorado to stay at Sliverthorne Properties with Wally Scoggins and play golf at The Raven at Three Peaks Golf Club.  There is still room for more golfers, although the bed space is pretty well gone at Wally's.  There are numerous hotels nearby, though if you'd like to consider attending.  Our trip is scheduled from September 12-16, 2019.  If you're interested, contact Tuck Kemper directly or via this website.



Below is a photo from recently when the Spring 1972 Pledge class got together for a golf outing at Bay Oaks Country Club in Seabrook                                                        

From left to right. Darrell Baca, Charlie Abraham, Jimmy Shields, Mike Gibson, Gary Fisher, Wally Scoggins, Tommy McElroy and Scott Goodrich.


We have also created some Photo Galleries

(See link on the Green Bar to the left side of the Home Page)

These galleries are intended to commemorate gatherings, memories, and general activities we are currently participating in, or memories from our times at SFA.







This is what happens when someone has time on their hands…ideas come into their heads!

Let this message announce a CHALLENGE to all SFA Alumni of the Delta Pi Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi.  

Many of you know that I, along with 4 others, serve on the Steering Committee for the Sawyer/Delta Sigma Phi Scholarship, established in 1992 with the SFA Foundation.  We currently have, as of April 30, 2019, $18,321.25 in the endowment balance of the scholarship…money that is invested, and from which annual scholarship(s) will be awarded.

After many years of inactivity, we were able to award a $600.00 ($300/semester) to a deserving student, and intend to continue awarding a scholarship each year going forward.  The amount depends upon the formula, set annually, to be applied to the balance in the endowment.  Last September, the Alumni Control Board (ACB) of Delta Pi Chapter, supplemented the endowment formula amount to permit the $600 amount.  With your continued faithfulness in paying your annual Alumni dues (letter with dues form of $50.00/yr will be forthcoming in June), the ACB hopes to be able to continue supplementing and raising the award amount.

But, I digress.  Here’s the Challenge:

Three (3) Regional 1 day Golf Outings per year,  one in the Houston/South Texas region, one in the Tyler/Nacogdoches/East Texas region, and one in the Dallas/Ft.Worth region to raise some money for the scholarship endowment.

Here’s what I envision.  

  • We will play these tournaments when scheduled by the coordinator.  Oh, by the way, I need THREE COORDINATORS, who’ll volunteer to put something together.  I will volunteer to coordinate the East Texas region, with help from someone local to the actual location.
  • Cost of play will be:
    • $100 entry fee per player (this will be donated to the endowment)
    • Cost of the actual round of golf
  • You, the player, will commit to the tournament, as well as be willing to travel, if necessary, to the tournament location, and secure housing/food, if necessary.  There are brothers all around, so maybe you can bunk with someone at their house, but THAT’S THE CHALLENGE.  Shoot, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it!
  • The year is 1/2 gone, but I believe I can put something together for the ET location maybe this fall.  I am looking at a day the week of October 14-18 as a possible, so the other two coordinators, can plan around those dates if we can get all three of them done this year.

I will also commit to traveling and playing in the other two regional tournaments to help out with their fund raiser activities, so I’d like to see some of you try to make all three as well.

What to you guys think?  I know Scott Goodrich and his pledge class all get together each Spring.  Maybe you’d consider inviting others to your outing for one of the days to kill two birds with one stone.  There are enough players in DFW so we need a coordinator up there.  Same for the Houston/Gulf Coast area…somebody step up, pick a date, find a course, and let’s plan it.

Let me hear your ideas and thoughts…anywhere, any time…I’m there!

Tuck Kemper




Brothers in and around the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex,

Update from March 28th.  We had a great time at lunch on February 7th..  About 12 people showed up (or more) and you missed a great time if you were in the DFW area and unable to attend.  We'd love to have you join us next month!  THE LUNCH LOCATION HAS CHANGED FOR JUNE 6TH!  MEET AT 11:30AM AT OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE, 4902 GEORGE BUSH TURNPIKE, GARLAND, TX  75040.   I'm including a couple of photos from our March gathering.  The rest are under the "PHOTO GALLERIES" Link on the left side of the Home Page, under "DFW Lunches"

March 7th Lunch

As usual, Mother Ruckel is holding court!  ;-)



Ron King, Gary Martin, Herb Reiner


August 1st Lunch

This month, we had 13 people who came to the Outback on the Bush Tollway.  We had some missing from previous times, but had a new addition, not present before...JERRY SMOAK!  Jerry told me he had a great time reconnecting, and is looking forward to the next meeting, which will be on October 3rd.


Let’s meet for lunch. We will be meeting the first Wednesday each month at 11:30 at the Outback Steakhouse on the George Bush Tollway in Garland. This invitation goes out to all Delta Sigs/Sawyers, old, young or somewhere in between. All I ask is those coming please rsvp to me each month so I will know how many to expect. I just do not want to drive down there and eat lunch by myself!



Randall Warren





July 11th Gathering


Restaurant:  Jalapeno Tree Mexican Restaurant

Where:  420 W. Southwest Loop 323, Tyler, TX  75701

Time:  11:30 AM

When:  July 11, 2019







Bob Barrett, James Deaton, Larry Harris, John Ruckel, Edd Robinett

Visible on Right:  Jerry Smoak, Danny Sparks, Hal Maris, Steve Adams, Edd Robinett, John Ruckel

Larry Harris, John Ruckel, Edd Robinett

Bob Barrett, James Deaton

Steve Adams, Hal Maris, Danny Sparks

Tuck Kemper